Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt

Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt


Back from Canada

Apologies Pub fans, I was on holiday playing golf and searching for Bullwinkle. I found him :


Anyway, We have some great stuff in store for you in septemeber. This weekend, we will be showing Irish, english and German world cup qualifiers. They are on at the same time but with help from Tattoo Jim, we think we can show all three games. Which one has sound will be decided at game time depending on the numbers that have come to watch each game.

Next Friday, Jamie Clarke is coming back to town with his band Perfect. They are great so come on down for that. time to get the music going again after a long hot summer.

26th of September is Arthur Guinness day. We will be giving away gifts and prizes and Richard Saratoga will be playing that evening.

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