Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt

Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt


Assholes, snowflakes and Hypochondriacs

So the city of Frankfurt has imposed new restrictions on bars and restaurants. I guess the hospitals must be under pressure because of all the new cases and ICU units completely full….except they are not :

From today’s Frankfurter Rundshau :


Wow – 7 patients in ICU in all of Frankfurt. Aren’t we trying to flatten the curve anymore? Surely with 7 people in ICU the health care authorities are not overwhelmed? Or has that narrative been chucked into the dustbin for some other ridiculous and unprovable metric? If not, why do bars and restaurants have to close at 10PM? How does 7 Patients in ICU represent an emergency?

I am thoroughly sick of this nonsense. The media only speaks of cases now, that is positive tests with a test that has been proven to be unreliable…How many times have you heard the word false positive? What is a false positive? Just a nice way to say the TEST DOES NOT WORK RELIABLY. Why doesn’t the media say how many of those cases ended up with someone being sick or someone being checked into hospital? It is simple – it does not fit the fear narrative that propagandists have been selling

Anyway, I have no intention of letting the assholes, snowflakes and Hypochondriacs that drive this fear mongering close my bar early. Why don’t you all just stay home and pretend you are doing it to save others rather than your own cowardly asses. If you are scared, then stay the fuck home and leave the rest of us in peace.

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