Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt

Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt



Strange that the 2020 Olympics were cancelled because of the flu but were actually awarded to Tokyo after the fukushima disaster? So, no problem with Ceasium 136 but a flu that even a government health site  says is not a High Consequence Infections disease(HCID), shuts down the whole country?

Have a look at the screenshots below. I sure did not read or hear this from the hype machine :



HCID Diseases include Ebola, Sars and a few other scary viruses but not COVID 19. The websites says HCID is defined as follows :



Why are you all so bloody sure you are not being hoodwinked by the lying hyped up messengers who have a serious history of lying in the past? If they were truly interested in delivering news about this bollox, wouldn’t you have read about this? It was only issued Mar 19 2020 – so where is the Hype? MAybe it’s time to question what the fuck is going on.

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