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Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt

Irish Pub Zeil 10 Frankfurt


  • A Mental party

    We are having a party on March 4. The theme is Mental in the spirit of 2017. Everyone who dresses up in a costume will get a free glass of sect and a chance at the Best costume prize. We will be giving all sorts of stuff away. So, get on your Bad Hombre clothes and come celebrate all the years of Madness and laughter.

    The new sports plan has been published. European football begins again on 14 February and the Six nations continues this weekend.

  • Trump, the Super bowl and the Six nations…

    So, here we are in the time of Trump…the world continues apace and that includes the sports world. The new sports plan has been posted.

    We are having a Super Bowl party  – starts at 11Pm on sunday 5 Feb. Scotty volunteered to work – we are gonna do a whole lot of Americana – Chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos and whatever else we can think of between now and then. If you are interested,  please let your bar person know – we are selling tickets for €10 which includes a basket of chicken wings and a pint of your choice.
    The Six Nations starts on Feb 4 – we will be showing all the games on the main TVs.

    Hope too see you as the world turns at the greatest little boozer this side of the rhine!

  • Belated happy 2017

    I was on holiday for a couple of weeks so there were no updates during that period. We saw in 2017 in four corners tradition with a great party and some serious BANG BANGS. KA-BOOM. the fireworks were brilliant.

    Sports plan for the next week will be posted shortly.

    From me and all my staff at the pub, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.

    Good Luck!


  • Christmas time

    I have added a new page to the site – Christmas 2016 with details of our opening times and our christmas dinner on 25 December.

    A new Sports plan has been added as well.

    Hope to see you all over the holidays at the best boozer on the planet !


  • thanks to FEST

    The pub was the main sponsor or FEST’s And Then There Were None – made for two great weekends at the pub so thatnks to all involved especially Damo, James Carey and Jeff Book. Worked out great for all of us

    So, League football is back in full after the shitty Interlull. Loads of football and Rugby coming up – a new sportsplan has been posted.


  • Another Sammy Hagar weekend

    man, these weekends are coming along quickly. Lots of football this weekend. the Big game is Arsenal – Chelsea this weekend…i hope we slaughter the chavs.

    We have a Rouladen special over the weekend -Beef rouladen, scallapped potatos and vegs…I think Toto will out do himself with this one.

    New sports plan has been published in Live sports.

  • The fecker is back up

    So, in  four corners news – the football is back in full swing and the pub has been rocking.

    The Pub is sponsoring a play this autumn. It is put on by FEST, the english speaking theatre. It’s on in November- keep an eye out for posters in the pub and buy a ticket. Should be a good show.

    New sports plan will be posted on friday.